David "Junior" Ludvik


David "Junior" Ludvik

Type: Multi-Discipline

David "Junior" Ludvik

"I have jumped almost every rig available on the market over my 16 years in the sport. The Infinity is the most comfortable regardless of what type of flying I'm doing!"


First skydive July 1999

17,000 jumps


Coach, AFF, and Tandem Instructor Examiner. Static Line Instructor. FAA Senior Rigger (back and seat). Aerial videographer/cameraman. Pro rated.


Numerous demonstration jumps and high profile projects, including: Dubai bureau of tourism, Breitling, and Bollywood.

Aerial cameraman for the XCF 'Fly the 35' project with Ernesto Gainza.

Soccer League Championships, Al Ain, UAE

World Cup of Horse Racing, Dubai, UAE

University of Michigan Soccer

Rome Braves. Atlanta Braves MLB AAA team


Downtown Copenhagen, Denmark

Opening Ceremony 2015 Extreme Week, Voss, Norway

Career highlights include:

Skydive Dubai Swoop Team

-Photos published in the Guinness Book of World Records, Russian Emirates Magazine and numerous other magazines and newspapers worldwide.


-69way and 108way head down world record

-42way Florida state head down record

-Guinness world record for most people to jump from a hot air balloon

-World record tunnel formation 27way head-down.

Competition highlights:

-First place Swoop Freestyle FAI World Championships 2017

-Canopy Piloting Circuit Champion 2006

-2nd place 2006 FLCPA

-3rd place 2014 Dubai International Swoop League meets 1, 3, & 4.

-3rd place Swoop Challenge 2015 in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark

-1st place Austrian Nationals 'guest' 2015

-RedBull Swoop Style 2015

-12th Place overall, Canopy Piloting World Cup 2015

-2nd place in the 2015 HIPA 'Up above' photo contest.


Velocity Sports Equipment

Liquid Sky Sports

NZ Aerosports

Skydive Dubai