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Ready to invest in new skydiving gear? Have questions you want answered before ordering? View the FAQs below to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our rigs and skydiving gear.

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Container Questions

Does Velocity Sports Equipment offer expedited services?

We can rush a rig through at 4-6 weeks for an additional $300. Check the home page on our website to see if that option is available.


Do you offer a military discount?

Yes. We offer 15% off base price on a new custom Infinity with proof of active service, USPA card & military ID.


What wingsuiting options does VSE offer?

We offer a ring cover hook knife mount, 11 ft. bridle, semi-stowless deployment bag (Party Bag), and dynamic corners. Have a look...


What Freefly options do you recommend?

We highly recommend hip articulation with the floating laterals and our semi-stowless deployment bag (Party Bag).


Does VSE offer camo colors or can I send in my own fabric for the container?

We do offer many different camo colors. These colors are available to view in our 3D designer.


What is a party pocket?

We can add a pocket to your mudflap/s for $75 for you to hold your chapstick, rubber bands, candy, pull up cords, cell phone, etc...


How do I order a Liquid Sky Infinity?

The skydiver orders the container through their preferred dealer, and writes "Liquid Sky Design" in the special instruction section on the order form. Once the order has been confirmed, the customer will work directly with Julio of Liquid Sky Sports to create their custom design. The jumper will pay Julio the customization fee separately and pay the dealer for the container. We will charge an additional $200 on our invoice to the dealer. Want to see some of the LiquidSky Design Infinity sexiness? Check it out here!


Do you offer student options?

Yes, we offer an AAD window, adjustable harnesses, telescoping legpads (we can do small/medium/large harnesses as well), AFF Hinged BOC pocket/handle, and we can set them up for Static Line and/or SOS as well.



Do you offer a semi-stowless deployment bag?

Yes, it's called the Party Bag. It's a $50 upgrade when you purchase a new container or $125 separately. Want to see it in action? Have a peek here...


What AAD's can I put into an Infinity?

Cypres, Vigil, M2, or Argus


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