Michael Bougher


Michael Bougher

Type: Multi-Discipline


Michael was inspired to skydive after watching a video of his friend bungee jump in New Zealand. He signed up for a tandem that weekend. Immediately after exiting the plane at Oklahoma Skydiving Center, he knew this was his new passion. A few months later, he got his USPA A license at Skydive Airtight. A year and a half later with 150 jumps, he left school to pursue skydiving and tunnel flying as a career.

Around jump 250, he picked up a second hand Infinity built for wingsuiting (wingsuit corners and no floating laterals) and used it to learn to freefly. 600+ jumps later on the same container (including a National medal and a world record), it was time for a new, custom container. Also, flying a green rig on Arizona Xforce (team colors are black and silver) was a major violation of first rule in skydiving: look cool. Michael ordered a custom Infinity with all the bells and whistles. The floating laterals were a game changer for flying VFS; they allowed a wide range of torso movement for turns and transitions while keeping the rig snug on his back.

"I love skydiving for so many reasons. The community is amazing. Right after AFF jump 1, I was invited to hang out with all the experienced jumpers at a bonfire. I knew immediately that these were my people. There is always something new to learn. As soon as you think you've learned one discipline, there's at least 10 more waiting. The mental aspect of skydiving is my favorite; only thinking about the task at hand, right then and there. It's especially nice when you have gear that you can count on with your life."


72 way head up world record

2018 USPA Nationals - Open 4 way VFS - silver

2019 USPA Nationals - Open 4 way VFS - silver

2019 World Cup - Open 4 way VFS - bronze

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