Larry Yount


Larry Yount

Type: Multi-Discipline


I love my Infinity rigs for the comfortable fit, secure design, and lifelong durability. I've owned five Infinity's over the last 20 years (the sixth is on it's way) and made thousands of jumps on each of them. The ability to make multiple daily jumps without tiring of harness wear is a great benefit. The freedom to know that whatever the orientation or type of jump, I can trust my Infinity to remain secure is liberating. One of my Infinity's I actively jumped for 18 years and another I put almost 2,000 jumps on in just over three years. Neither of those harness/containers show the type of wear that would compromise safety, and both are still in service. Lastly, the team at Velocity Sports Equipment are wonderful and provide great personal customer support.


I joined the US Army in 1987 and over my career I served as both Static Line Jumpmaster and Military Free Fall Jumpmaster before I retired in 2009. I started sport skydiving at Kapowsin Air Sports (now Skydive Kapowsin) in spring of 1996, making almost 400 jumps by the end of that year. I started working in the sport the following year by shooting tandem videos and earning my Static Line Jumpmaster rating, then the next year earning my Tandem Jumpmaster rating. Eventually, I upgraded those Jumpmaster ratings to Instructor ratings and added IAD and AFF Instructor ratings, as well as a PRO rating. Over my skydiving years I have at least tried almost every discipline and have competed at least locally in most of them, most notably competing in Open Class at US Nationals of Canopy Piloting from 2009-2012, even being invited from the alternate list to join the US Team for the 6th FAI World Cup of Canopy Piloting in 2011 (I declined the invite). In more recent years, when not working at Skydive Kapowsin, I train for and travel to participate in freefly big way, sequential, and record events as well as for specialty and XRW events. Around the northwest I organize freefly, XRW, and wingsuiting, and I am the main organizer of the current Washington Head Down and Upright records, as well as the current Oregon Upright record, with plans to go bigger in the coming years. When I'm not skydiving, I'm a single father of two teenagers that know how to pack (but couldn't be bothered to) and have interest in eventually learning to skydive themselves. In my free time I recently earned my Private Pilot certificate and am working on my IFR rating and Commercial certificate.


D-18792 (10,000+ jumps)

TI (3000+ jumps)

AFFI (2000+ jumps)


Freefly (2000+ jumps)


2010 North Carolina 22 way Hot Tub

2011 POPS World and Oregon 13 way Head Down

2012 Georgia 11 way Head Down

2012 Washington 13 way Head Down

2013 Oregon 18 way Head Down

2014 Texas 60 way Head Down

2014 FAI World, US National, and Texas 2 point 57 way Vertical Sequential

2015 POPS World 26 way Head Down

2016 Washington 29 way Head Down

2017 Oregon 7 way Upright

2017 Washington 12 way Upright

2017 California 80 way Head Down

2018 FAI World, US National, and Illinois 3 and 4 point 42 way Vertical Sequential

2018 California 18 way Upright

ATTEMPTS (Participated In):

2012 FAI World 143 way Head Down (bench team)

2014 FAI World 3 and 4 point 33 way Vertical Sequential (2 teams, not part of completing team)

2015 FAI World 170 way Head Down (benched after 2nd day)

2018 FAI World 200 way Head Down (all attempts, record not completed)

2019 FAI World 107 way Upright (most 100+ way attempts, not part of 80 way record team)


Velocity Sports Equipment - Infinity I-33 (x3)

Fluid Wings - HK/HKT 73, 79, 84

LiquidSky Sports - Cosmo, Ozone

Squirrel - Freak 3, Epicene Pro 150