Jessica Maviano


Jessica Maviano

Type: Multi-Discipline


I love my Infinity rig because its comfortable and low profile. I've had containers before that felt like a giant turtle shell on my back because I have such a small frame. The infinity fits snug to my back and is super comfortable. For wing suiting, the pull is smooth and the Party Bag helps for really clean openings.


I started jumping in August 2013, I was immediately in love. I had my A license a couple months later. Free flying was my first passion for the sport and I used the tunnel to hone my skills. After a couple seasons and almost 400 jumps I put on a wing suit for the first time. Ever since then my focus has been primarily wing suit flying. In 2015, BASE jumping sparked my interest. I took a course and I've been actively jumping since including a few international trips. Free flying has been on the back burner for the last couple of years so I plan on flying the tunnel through out the winter to stay current with those skills.


Skydives: 900

Base jumps: 300

Tunnel: 10+ hours



Velocity Sports Equipment

Squirrel Suits

Maloja Clothing

Tentera Coffee

Cardo Scala Rider

Honey Stinger

Velocity Sports Equipment

Unlike past rigs, I've never had my legs fall asleep or start to hurt on a long high pull. In my opinion it is also the best looking rig on the market.

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