Iain Jensen


Iain Jensen

Type: Multi-Discipline

Iain Jensen


I liked Infinity from when I jumped at one of the sports more notorious DZ's, Lodi, for a couple hundred jumps in 2012. At the time there were a lot of high profile jumpers there, they all had Infinity's. They are streamlined, elegant, well made and have all the features you could want, with a distinctive look about them. I really love the VSE Belly Band, I think it's the best on the market. I love the customer service, Riley is highly professional and represents the best things about this sport. As much as any athlete, they know how important a custom rig is to you and will work to get the fit and look you want.


3700ish jumps



Wingsuit FJC Instructor for Scotty Burns' FlyteSkool


Test Jumper

XRW Monkey

CRW Videographer

I use an Infinity I-21 Flying Petra 67's and PDR 126

The thing that interests me most in skydiving is anything I haven't seen before. My favorite feeling was sitting in the plane wondering whether or not I could land the parachute I had strapped to my back. Horrible advice to any student. My first paid job in skydiving was as a test jumper for PD with 650 jumps. To teach me a lesson they put me on 360+ sq ft military parachutes. Doing this, I realized I could spend nearly 20mins in the air off a hop and pop if I used thermals to stay floating around which was awesome. Deland is famous for (amongst other things) enormous 16,000'+ clouds in summer, it's almost a sport in itself just to get out, pull high and float around these fluffy mountains hanging in the sky.

At some point I realized doing this I had a great set up for flying with wingsuiters. Because I fly barefoot Carlos Briceno and I accidentally found a new way to grip the wingsuiter in surf docks. This enabled us to fly the first XRW barrel rolls. I have been sponsored for about 1 year so far, but it has lead to some incredible locations and experiences, working with people who I consider my heroes

  • Project Blacklist with Scott Lazarus, Lane Paquin, Will Kitto of Squirrel and a host of world class CRW fliers. Lane and I flew an XRW dock past a 20 stack of canopies which Will then flew through the centre of in a wingsuit, all on the same jump
  • Organized XRW at multiple events and boogies throughout the year
  • Set up a 30 person event in Texas, the first all XRW event of it's kind
  • Flew XRW down a mountain proximity line in Alaska with Lane Paquin
  • Part of 2017 Team One Call BASE XRW and Mountain flying event in Voss, Norway
  • Flew down a 3000' waterfall I had been dreaming about for a year
  • Flew tunnel style head down carving Wingsuit VS Canopy with Lane Paquin
  • Flew an upside down CRW XRW 2 Stack
  • First two man backfly XRW surf dock
  • Part of Project Blue Sky with the Phoenix Fly Need for Speed Team, a 23 Person XRW formation
  • Flew a 9 way Night XRW jump
  • Flew topskin spiral double surf docks with a 5 time world canopy piloting champion
  • Made One America News from an event China organized by Red Bull, flying a 270 swoop with a surf dock through hot air balloon gates at 900' over a 5000 person crowd landing into an urban area

I am not a competitive skydiver, but I love pushing the boundaries of the sport. I like flying parachutes and taking people skydiving.

Proudly sponsored by

Velocity Sports Equipment

Icarus Canopies by NZ Aerosports

Liquid Sky

KAVU, sent me a box of clothes once