My Review of the Infinity Rig - DJ Marvin

May 6, 2016 | General

My Review of the Infinity Rig - DJ Marvin

REVIEW: Infinity published in Skydive Mag by DJ Marvin

Pick the Infinity up by the pin flap! How many rigs would do this?

Velocity Sports Equipment's Infinity rig is the most comfortable rig I have ever jumped. It is a well engineered rig that is affordable but also one of the most customizable rigs on the market. Here are infinite reasons why I believe you will also love your new Infinity...


Main pin and bridle protection are important in preventing out of sequence deployments and premature openings. The Infinity main pin flap does a great job of protecting both pin and bridle by anchoring the main pin flap and top main container flap at the same point. This keeps them the same length relative to each other, even when changing canopy sizes. This along with the one piece main flap tuck tab my main flap stays closed throughout any jump. I can pick up any of my Infinity rigs by the main pin flap without it opening.

Thanks to the size and shape of the riser flap tuck tabs, my riser covers stay closed in any orientation and speed

I prefer a rig that has a fully enclosed reserve pilot chute. How often do you see some reserve pilot chute material poking out of your buddy's rig? With a fully enclosed pilot chute your reserve system stays inside the rig where it is protected until you need it. Of course this means that the reserve pilot chute has a couple more flaps to deal with so VSE uses the strongest spring available in the industry. This means that the pilot chute will not only clear those extra flaps, but also launch clear of a jumper's burble. The reserve pilot chute is built with the upper 75% as nylon and the lower 25% mesh. This allows the pilot chute to inflate quickly at any speed or angle to the wind allowing for a strong snatch force to help quickly deploy your reserve off your back.

It's important that my risers come out when they should but stay put till then. Thanks to the size and shape of the riser flap tuck tabs, my riser covers stay closed in any orientation and speed. But the geometry of the riser covers and surrounding flaps guide the risers to the outside promoting even deployment of the risers and helping prevent riser cover lock-ups. The secondary risers are seamless, both in look and function. They are integrated into the reserve container side flaps creating a very clean look. This not only looks clean, but minimizes the size of the primary riser covers and reducing reserve container restriction.

Personally I am a fan of the Party Stripe


The harness system on my Infinity is one of the reasons I love my rig so much. The yoke comes around your neck angling slightly inward at the mud flaps to help with comfortable range of motion for your arms. Thanks to the leg straps being some of the widest you can find on a sport rig, sitting under canopy I almost forget I have a rig on. I have not seen any sport rigs with a wider foot print, giving me a more comfortable seat under canopy.

Black 3-ring looks PIMP!


Velocity Sports Equipment offers one of the most customizable rigs on the market. Not only with comfort and safety options, but also with style!

Want your rig to hug your back regardless of twisting in your torso, while your harness sits still keeping a comfortable fit? Floating Laterals are an awesome option. They do just this and with the lateral strap based at the edge of the container it also eliminates the container corners becoming snag points. They also allow your hip rings to shift slightly further forward creating an even more comfortable seat for canopy flight.

One of my favorite aesthetic options is the black stainless steel. It just looks PIMP! The black oxide treatment keeps an extremely smooth finish and has shown minimal wear after a year and a half of jumping.

Want to go crazy with the look of your new Infinity? Check out a Liquid Sky designed Infinity. The possibilities here are limitless and you can end up with a one of a kind rig. Personally I am a fan of the Party Stripe. This puts a 'V' down the reserve pin flap and the colors can flow into the main flap giving the rig a variety of looks.


To top all this off Velocity Sports Equipment makes one of the most affordable rigs on the market with a base price of $2,099. Even if you load up your Infinity with options, you will find Velocity Sports Equipmentto be competitive.


The VSE family provides the same quality in service as they do their rigs. In today's market you have to answer the needs of the customer and VSE has always done that for me. The Infinity is a top notch rig made by top notch people.

DJ Marvin is the Founder/Operator of The Ratings Center based at Skydive Spaceland, TX. He started jumping on 1997 and has made over 7,800 skydives. DJ is a Coach Examiner, AFF Examiner, Tandem Examiner, and Canopy Coach

Velocity Sports Equipment

Hands down......I'll not fly another system!

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