Katie Hansen


Katie Hansen

Type: Multi-Discipline

Katie Hansen


"What I love about my Infinity is that no matter what orientation I fly in, it always hugs my back. It's comfortable and the customer service is incredible."


I have been skydiving and BASE jumping since 2003 and am completely in love with flying. I have spent a few years dedicated towards different disciplines; BASE, wingsuiting, then freeflying and swooping, albeit not the conventional order, it has given me a pretty well-rounded arsenal. I love traveling and meeting new people. I think it's important for people to have passion and one thing I love about skydivers are that they are passionate, inspired, open minded people. This year my focus is on competing in 2-way MFS, tunnel flying, the Head-Up and Women's Vertical World Records, and I can't wait to go play in Norway and Switzerland this summer.

BASE Jumps: 700

Skydives: 5000

Ground Launches: 100

Bungee Jumps: 3

First Jump: 2003

USPA D-29695, Pro, Coac

Skydive Gear:

(1) Petra 66/PDR 113, (2) Leia 66/PDR 113

WS canopy: Epicene 116

Wingsuits: Calugo Race, Freak




  • Red Bull Aces
  • Demo into NY Concert for LaBatt Blue
  • USPA CP Nationals
  • Advanced Overall - Gold
  • Advanced Zone Accuracy - Silver
  • Advanced Distance - Silver
  • Ifly Austin Gunslingers Shootout Tunnel Competition
  • 4 Way VFS Open - Silver
  • 2 Way VFS Open - Bronze


Media Appearances:

  • Good Morning America - "Skydiver Katie Hansen's Moving Car Landing"
  • Good Morning America - Women's Vertical World Record
  • Discovery Channel Canada "Daily Planet"
  • Yahoo.com News
  • New Zealand National News
  • Turkey National News,
  • Canadian national news - Car Landing


  • Womens Vertical World Record 63-Way
  • CA State Vertical Record 64-Way
  • Exhibition jumps from Foresthill Bridge with Asylum Designs for Auburn, CA's "Adventure Day
  • Ekstremsport Veko "One Call" XRW Team in Voss, Norway
  • Swoop Landing into Mustang
  • Swoop Landing onto 4-wheeler
  • XRW, Freeflying
  • iFly SF Bay Tunnel Comp Open Class 2-Way VFS Silver Medal
  • iFly SF Bay Tunnel Comp Open Class 4-Way VFS Silver Medal


  • West Coast Crew Challenge 2-Way Sequential Gold Medal
  • Started XRW Canopy Piloting
  • Unites States Parachute Association Canopy Piloting Nationals
  • Georgia State Head down Record
  • "Go4it" XRW Stunt Team


  • European BASE Tour
  • Started XRW Wingsuit Flying


  • Baffin Island Arctic BASE expedition co-leader

2003 - 2009

  • Baffin Island Arctic BASE expedition co-leader
  • Baffin Island Arctic BASE expedition co-leader
  • First Skydive and BASE jumps
  • Footage and appearances on ABC's Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox 40,
  • KCBQ 13, Anderson Cooper Live, National news broadcasting in Voss, Norway,
  • National news in Turkey, New Zealand, Canada, multiple newspapers worldwide






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