Beau Riebe


Beau Riebe

Type: Multi-Discipline

Beau Riebe, better known as "The Tip Tuesday Guy," "The PD Guy," or better yet "Is That That Guy From Saved By The Bell??"

Beau started skydiving with the USAF Parachuting Team in 2010. Since then, he has accumulated over 3000 jumps through working at various dropzones such as Chicagoland Skydive Center and Skydive Perris. He has made himself known through his canopy expertise and knowledge. Beau currently works as the Performance Designs Tour Rep, so you can find him at boogies all across the country slinging demos, kissing babies' heads, and shaking hands. Beau also competes in Canopy Piloting competitions... and wins them.

Skydives: 3300

2018 FLCPA Advanced Champion

Ratings: Tandem, AFF, Pro

Former host of Skydive TV

Tip Tuesday Guy